Monday, August 27, 2012

Create Your Own Flag

This week, we are learning the Pledge of Allegiance and talking about the American Flag. As a project for your child at home, I am sending home a plain white page in their orange folder for them to create a flag that represents them! You have all week to complete them, but please make sure you send it back by Friday, as we will share them and then display them in our classroom. They will come back home in a couple weeks. I am sharing a sample flag today that represents me to give you an idea!

The M stands for McPheron, and the colors in the triangle are my favorite colors. There is a sticker of a penguin, because that is my favorite animal. I put an apple on my flag because I'm a teacher and the pie is because I love to bake. I included a photo of my family and the yarn is in Upper Sandusky colors, but it's there because I crochet and knit. I explained all of this to your kids today in class. I'm so excited to learn more about all the students in my class, and this is one way we will build community and friendships in our class.

Remember, return the flag by this Friday. If you finish it before then, put it back in their folder and I'll keep it until we share!

Miss McPheron

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