Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Day of School

Pattern Blocks Designs
As promised, here is a link to view some photos from the first day of school. When you follow the link, it will ask you for a password. The password is firstday.
Pattern blocks designs

The kids did wonderful on their first day of school! We read "The Kissing Hand," which is a story about a raccoon who is frightened to go to school on his first day. We talked about how we had felt that morning and did a worksheet "On the first day of school, I felt..." This is currently hanging in our classroom. It will come home next week.

We talked about some rules for our classroom and took a tour of the school so we were ready for the all important event of the day: lunch and recess! We have a recess right after lunch and a recess in the afternoon.
During centers, which is a time where we rotate by groups to different activities, we played with blocks, worked on fine motor skills, drew a picture of ourselves and wrote our names, and did puzzles.
Fine motor skills in centers

We have more exciting activities coming up, but next week, we will be jumping into our reading and math curriculum.

Please work with your child on learning to tie their shoes and learning their phone number and address.
Sorting our snack by color

Can't wait to see your precious kids tomorrow!
Miss McPheron

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