Tuesday, September 18, 2012

School Messenger Service

A couple weeks ago, our district started using a service called School Messenger. This is used to notify you in case of a delay or cancellation. The following information was posted on the Upper Sandusky Schools main website today:

As the district continues to update your home phone, cell phones, and email addresses in PowerSchool to make our phone alert system (SchoolMessenger) more accurate, we are preparing the text messaging (SMS) part of the program.  The process will be simple to enroll to receive text messages (SMS) and will happen as follows:
  1. In about 1-2 weeks, we will be activating the SMS service in SchoolMessenger and at that time if your account in PowerSchool has the cell phone field filled in with a correct/up to date cell phone number, you will receive a text message from Upper Sandusky Exempted Village Schools.
  2. Simply reply to this text with a Y (meaning yes) and you will be enrolled.
  3. That's it!
Here is a copy of the letter we will be sending home that provides the same basic information as above:
If you or someone you know does NOT receive this text, you/they need to contact the school office and let them know they need to add your cell phone number into PowerSchool.  You can also let us know your contact information (cell phone, home phone, email addresses) by visiting the URL and entering your information:

Thanks so much! 

Reading bags will come home tomorrow - we had a hectic afternoon and I forgot to pass them out at the end of the day! I ask that you read at least one of the books in the bag with your child and go over the flashcards with sight words. Thanks!

Miss McPheron

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