Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Short Weekly Wrap Up

We had a short week due to the county fair! Here is what we did with our 3 day week.

Language Arts: We learned that plot is "what happens in the beginning, middle, and end of a story" and worked on sequencing events from our story. We also worked on beginning sounds. You can help your child by giving them a couple of words and asking if they start with the same sound, like map and mouse. We also have worked on syllables, so giving them words to count will be good review at home. We have been clapping the syllables in class. (Ba-na-na = 3 syllables)

Working hard on writing the letter S
We started writing more this week as well, and I was so impressed with the kids using the sounds we have learned so far! We haven't learned a lot of the letter sounds yet, but they should know a, c, m, p, s, and t. The kids use the sounds they know to write a word. ("pt" can be paint). Encourage your kids to write at home about anything - something they did, something they like, or someone they know.

 In centers, we did new activities!

Word Work Center - Building Names
Writing Center: I can write my friend's name.
Phonics Center: Building lowercase letters

Listening Center
Math: We are working on counting objects to 10 - most of the kids can already do this! Give your child items and make sure they only count each object once to show one to one correspondence. We also worked on position words, like over, under, inside, beside, and outside. We used teddy bears and cups to practice this.

Working on position words
Working on position words
Science: We finished up our seasons and weather unit. We made an anchor chart with words to describe each season. We used color words and listed things we could do, like building snowmen. Your kids should have brought home a Seasons of the Tree book today. Ask your child what the weather is like and help them maintain their weather vocabulary (sunny, windy, rainy, cloudy).

Next Week: We are starting our apple unit. We will be learning about the life cycle of an apple, Johnny Appleseed, and writing about our favorite apple. In language arts, we are working on sorting items into categories. We will be finishing off the alphabet for letter recognition and our sight words will be the and little again. In math, we are graphing and working with shapes.

Reading Bags will come home one night next week. You will find some very simple books and some flashcards. I ask that you read 2 of the books with your kindergartener and practice the words on the flashcards. There will be a yellow paper for you to sign that just says that you read with them. This will come home one night each week to start with, and possibly 2 nights as the year gets underway!

Please help your child learn to tie their shoes. I want them to be safe, so I will continue to tie them as they need! :) Also, I will be sending home the beach towels next week.

The class as a whole is doing wonderful - they are learning the routines and learning what the expectations are. The kids make me smile every day! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

:) Miss McPheron

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