Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Lots of Pictures!

We had a great week this week! We were busy with lots of new and different activities. You saw the reading bags come home this week, thank you so much for reading with your child! I'll be adding more books that are suited to your child's level. Here's what we did this week (with lots of pictures!!).

Math - We worked on graphing and showing more and less. We also sequenced the numbers 0-5 by just looking at the numbers rather than counting verbally.
Teddy bear graphing to show most/least

Whole Class graphing activity - Pick your favorite pattern block
Next week, we will be working more with demonstrating numbers 1-5, patterns, and addition and subtraction stories. You can help your child at home by talking about the words more, less, most, least, and same. You can also sort items and also compare groups of items. 

Centers - We have started the normal rotation and activities for centers this week! Here's some pictures.
Sharing the iPad to work on shape recognition

Science center - Sensory Tub with oatmeal, scoops, rakes, letter tiles, laminated apples, and numbers

Word Work Center - using playdoh to spell our names

Listening center

Math Center - 10 Apples Up on Top activity for number recognition

Computer Center - Starfall for phonics skills (you can use this one at home!

iPad Center
Language Arts - We worked on classifying items into groups this week. We sorted pictures into different groups, like a food group and a tool group, or a school supply group and a kitchen group. We also finished the alphabet for letter recognition! That means we have learned to write every letter and what the capital and lowercase letter look like. We will continue to review this and go deeper with each letter.
Identifying Tt on the Smart Board

Identifying Tt on the Smart Board

Identifying Tt on the Smart Board

Sorting pictures into groups

Sorting pictures into groups

Sorting pictures into groups
Next week, we will be working the letter Mm and reviewing character. We are also going to be talking about how a noun is a person, place, animal, or thing. Ask your child words that start with m - you can do this while you're driving and see if they can spot anything that starts with m!

Apple Unit - We started our apple unit this week. We did a lot more than I took pictures of, and sadly I don't have pictures of the kids!
To kick off the unit, we tasted an apple of each color. The kids chose their favorite and we graphed it on the Smart Board. Our favorite was green, but red was a close second! The kids wrote their names on the apple of their favorite color and we put it on our classroom door.

 After we graphed, the students wrote a piece about their favorite kind of apple. They are hanging in our hallway right now.

We also wrote a class book that I laminated and will be putting in our classroom library next week for the kids to read all year. The book is called Apples Are and the kids each wrote a page to describe apples. We have read many books that talk about the life cycle of an apple. Today we read Apple Pie Tree and made a foldable that shows each step and we added words for each step of the cycle. Next week, we are making applesauce!

On Friday, we have Steve Harpster coming  to do an assembly for the whole school! He is an illustrator and he will be teaching the kids how to draw a couple drawings! You got an order form in their folders last week with some of his books. His website is if you are interesting in seeing more of what he does!

New next week - We will be going to the school library on Tuesday to check out a book. They will bring the book home, and we will have library every other Tuesday. I'll send home a reminder so you know when to send the book back so your child can get a new one!

Thanks for reading! I look forward to spending each day with your kids - they make me smile on a daily basis!

:) Miss McPheron

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