Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

We finished day 12 of school! We have been counting the days of school in our morning meeting time as well as working in the date and days of the week. We also do our Phonics Dance each morning. We have learned chants and motions for Aa, Mm, Pp, Ss, and Tt so far as well as the sounds the letters make.

Language Arts: This week we talked about setting and continued to review character. Your kids know that "Characters are the people, animals, or creatures in a story." They also know that "Setting is when and where a story happens." This picture has our anchor charts - we learn chants and motions for each of these and review them throughout the day.
Anchor Charts we are using right now
The kids sorted a set of pictures showing setting and character, and these worksheets are hanging in our classroom. This activity was great for categorizing pictures and also working on cutting and gluing skills.

Classroom Display - We can identify character and setting.
Centers - We started using technology in centers for the first time this week. We are starting to get the routines and procedures down for centers, and it has been great seeing them work together! We had a listening center, computer center, and Smart Board center.
Listening Center - the headphones all attach to the same device so they are all listening together
Smart Board Center - Students were working on letter recognition this week
Writing - We started writing workshop this week. We read "Rocket Writes a Story" and learned that writers start by thinking. We brainstormed ideas about what we could write about. We wrote to respond to what our weekly story was about. The kids did awesome working with just their pencil before they could color. I asked them to try to write what they hear and to use the sounds that we have learned so far. I was so impressed to see them using the skills we have learned! They also were working on matching the picture they drew to the words they wrote. These went in their writing folders.

Math - We worked on patterns this week and handwriting. Friday, we got to use shaving cream to practice writing our numbers. A big thanks to our parent volunteer who came in for this time to give me another set of hands! They did a great job showing the numbers and there were lots of smiles in our classroom Friday afternoon.

Next Week - Next week, we are going to be talking about plot, working on letters O, P, Q, R, and S, and our sight words will be the and little. In math, we are going to be working on 1-1 correspondence (counting one object only once) up to 10. We will be wrapping up our weather and seasons unit in science.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions!
:) Miss McPheron

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