Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

Can you believe we have finished a week in October already? Time is flying! I'll share our week with lots of pictures.

Centers: I introduced Leap Pads this week. The kids did well with it for our listening center! It offers a more interactive format and helps them with each sound of the words.

For our math center, the kids threaded beads onto a pipe cleaner for number recognition, counting, and fine motor skills.

In Math this week, we worked with shapes quite a bit. We explored with triangles and squares and did different activities with them.
We did a new strategy called Mix Pair Share. During the Mix part, students dance around the room. When the music stops, they Pair with the student they are closest to. This time, the Share time meant they had to tell their partner what their shape was like - "I have a small green triangle."

 Students worked with their table teams to sort a group of triangles and squares. They had to decide how to sort - they ended up sorting by shape, size, and color.

 We got a new Document Camera in our classroom this week! The Document Camera runs through the laptop and is projected onto the Smart Board. The students have loved coming up and writing answers or sorting items under the camera for the class to see.

 We also made shapes with pipe cleaners. I gave them some free explore time as well with the pipe cleaners. They made letters and numbers when they had an option to make whatever they wanted. I was impressed!

In Science, we worked on the 5 senses this week. We read several different books and did activities with each sense. We played I Spy for seeing, we listened to sound clips for hearing, we used touch bags for touching, we tasted skittles for taste, and we smelled my room freshener for smelling.
Skittles Recording Sheet

Finished Skittle Recording Sheet
 Each day, we wrote a sentence for the sense. We wrote "I use my tongue to taste." after we ate the skittles.

Next week is a short week. Monday, we will be celebrating Columbus Day and then focusing on fire prevention the rest of the week. I will also start asking the kids for their address and phone number, so please work with them on that! We have new sight words this week (have and is) and our letter will be Aa.

Remember, there is no school for your kids on Tuesday, as all the teachers in the district have inservice training. Because of this, please return your child's library book on Monday. I will also send home reading bags on Monday, instead of Tuesday.

As always, please contact me with any questions!

:) Miss McPheron

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