Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

On Monday, we spent the day celebrating Christopher Columbus! We wore hats, then went outside to explore, just like Christopher Columbus! We were on the hunt for a leaf. Each student picked out their own leaf, and then we did an exploration page about it when we got back inside.

In addition to exploring, we wrote "If I were an explorer, I would find..." We got some very interesting answers, like gold, treasure, and alligators! These pages will be compiled for a class book that will go in our library.

This week was also Fire Prevention week. On Monday, the Upper Sandusky Fire Department came with a fire truck! They talked to us about ways to stay safe in a fire, and then showed us the different parts of their fire truck.

Another part of being safe in a fire is knowing your address and phone number! Please work with your child to learn this, as I will be asking them in the coming weeks for both their address and phone number.

In Math this week, we worked on ordering numbers. They need to be able to put numbers 0-10 in order from left to right with just the numbers in front of them.

We also played Bingo with numbers 0-9. They did a great job finding the numbers with just hearing the number!

In Reading, we used our new document camera to read our decodable book of the week. Keep doing such a great job of reading with you kids! I am going to empty the bags out this week, so you will see a lot of books come home in the folders for you to keep. I will be putting new books in the bags that we have worked on in class.

Next week, our letter is S and our sight words are have and is. In Math, we will be looking at pennies for the first time. In Science, we are going to talk about living and nonliving things. We have just 2 weeks left in our first grading period! If you have any questions, please contact me!

:) Miss McPheron

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