Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

This was our last week of the first quarter. We spent our science time this week doing investigations with pumpkins.
First, we brainstormed words about pumpkins. Then, we put them into groups. We used these groups to help us make questions that we worked on answering throughout the week.

We made guesses for each question, then answered the questions through different activities. This was teaching us to think like scientists. We used a string to measure the outside of our pumpkin. We used linking cubes to measure the height. We read several stories about the life cycle of a pumpkin. Finally, we cut the pumpkin open to see what it looked like inside.

Monday night was our Halloween party at school - I was glad to see so many students there!

Grade cards will be coming home on Wednesday. They will be in a yellow envelope. You will get to keep the grade cards, but sign the envelope and send it back. There is also a form in there for you to return for Parent Teacher Conferences. Conferences will be held November 19-20.

Next week, we will be reading Bear Snores On. We will be working on the differences between a realistic and fantasy text. Our letter this week is C and our sight words are we, my, and like.

:) Miss McPheron

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