Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Weekly Wrap Up of November

Can you believe it is November already? Seems like the first day of school was just yesterday, yet we're already 10 weeks into the school year! I have tons of pictures from our week to share with you.

On Monday, we worked on measuring ourselves using non-standard units. Our units for this activity were pumpkins and apples! First, the kids made a guess of how tall they thought they would be. Then, we took a picture of each child by the apples and the pumpkins. We looked at the pictures the next day to check our guesses.

On Wednesday, we made patterns for Halloween. The students each used different seasonal pictures, like spiders, pumpkins, and acorns, to create a pattern of their choice. They had to label it with letters (AB, ABB, ABC) and then we hung our spooky patterns in the hallway.

We have been working so hard on learning to read since the very beginning of the school year, and this week, the kids got more practice with the little books you see coming home in the reading bags. After we looked for sight words and read the books as a class, the students got with a partner to practice reading the books before we put them in their reading bags to come home. (I will be sending home a stack of books in their folders this week that can stay at home. There's new books in their bags now.)

The kids did exceptionally well in centers this week while I was doing reading groups with the kids. I got to see each child twice to work on specific skills.
iPad Center: Monster Puzzles
iPad Center: Monster Puzzles

Science Center: Spin and Graph leaves
Art Center: Build a jack-o-lantern
Math Center: Counting pumpkins with playdoh

Math Center: Counting pumpkins with playdoh
Phonics Center: Candy  Corn Alphabet Match Up

Phonics Center: Candy Corn Alphabet Match Up

Phonics Center: Candy Corn Alphabet Match Up
Reading Center: We got new books from the book fair to add to our classroom library.
On Friday, we looked at a scale for the first time in math. Our goal was to compare the weight of two objects and decide which was heavier. We made predictions before we weighed the items, then tested our predictions.

Thursday, we filled our Warm Fuzzy Jar for the first time this year! We earn Warm Fuzzies when the class is making good choices. Our reward for the full jar was extra recess. Kindergarteners do not get to use to merry-go-round at recess, so they loved having time with it all to themselves!

Next week, we are working on the short i sound, and our sight words are he and for. We will be talking about the election and about Veteran's Day.

Just some information:

  • We have library on Tuesday, so please return books before then. 
  • Reading Bags will come home Tuesday night - keep doing such a wonderful job of reading with your child!
  • I will be sending home the time I have scheduled you for conferences in the middle of the week.
As always, please contact me with any questions!

:) Miss McPheron

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