Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a busy week talking about current events.

We started off the week talking about the election. We brainstormed what we thought the President does, then read 4 different books about presidents and made a list of what we learned. On Tuesday, we voted for our favorite book between Grace for President and Duck for President. We had a tie! As a group, we wrote a reflection.
The fifth graders also hosted a mock election at the school. They came to our class to share reasons the kids should vote for the issues. On Tuesday morning, the kids had to vote for School Uniforms, Vending Machines, and Extra Recess. They also voted for president.

In Math, we have been using geoboards. These are square plastic boards with pegs that they use to create shapes using rubber bands.


In Language Arts, we are continuing to work on reading. We are reading phonetically - this means we are using each sound that letters make to read the words. We built words this week and practiced reading them. Even if the letters didn't form real words, we were still working on our skills! This is something you can do at home - use letters to form words and read them. Right now, we know a, s, t, m, c, p, and i. 

 Our comprehension skill this week was sequencing. We worked on putting different stories and pictures in order throughout the week. We read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves, then sequenced the events. We wrote sentences for each item, then the students wrote about what their favorite part was.

Next week, our letters are b and n. Our new sight words are she, me, and with. We will finish up with talking about Veterans Day, then we will be talking about Thanksgiving the rest of the week. In math, we will be introducing cubes and dice, and continuing to work with the geoboards.

This is our last week before Thanksgiving Break - remember, Parent Teacher Conferences will be November 19-20 and then we are off of school the 21-23. If you have not returned your gold form with the conference time on it yet, please do.

On Monday, I will be sending home a feather made out of cardstock. We will be making a class turkey on our door, so you will be able to decorate a feather with your child! Be as creative as you want - use macaroni, markers, paint, feathers, whatever you want! Send it back as soon as you have finished it so we can make our turkey.

:) Miss McPheron

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