Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Counting by Tens and Sky Unit

We had a great week back from Thanksgiving! Here's what we did this week.

Math: In Math this week, we worked on counting by tens and using dimes. We practiced hopping over dimes to count by 10. 

We also went shopping on the Smart Board and used dimes to show how many dimes it took to create different amounts. 

Language Arts: We were able to use our Smart Response system this week. We were working on identifying words that began with r, which was our letter of the week. The students each get a remote and have a question to answer and send in.

Science: One of our standards for Science says that kindergarteners will know that “The moon, sun and stars can be observed at different times of the day or night.” We started talking about the sky this week to address this standard.  We kicked off the unit by drawing a picture of something they see in the sky, then we sorted them into categories. 

We read Little Cloud by Eric Carle, then made our own clouds with cotton balls and unscrambled a sentence. I challenged them to write words to describe their clouds, and I was impressed when many of them wrote sentences!

 Next, we talked about day and night. They drew a pictures of each and we made a circle chart for each. 
Then, the students wrote a book called Day and Night. They had to write a sentence about day and a sentence about night. They also had to write a sentence about why they liked either day or night. These books came home on Friday.

Next week, we will talk about the moon and ways we can measure weather to finish our sky unit. In Math, we will start working on numbers 11-20 and review some concepts we have already covered. In Language Arts, we will be talking about Cause and Effect. Our letters this week are d and k, and our new sight words are see and look. We will be starting some Christmas themed activities as well.

Upcoming Important Information
  • Thursday is our Christmas Program. Students need to arrive in our classroom by 6:45 PM. We will have two dress rehearsals that you are encouraged to come to (Wednesday and Thursday, 8:30 AM). On Thursday evening, after the children perform, we will go back to the classroom and you will pick them up there.
  • If you wanted to order anything from the Scholastic Book Orders I sent home earlier this week, please send those in by Wednesday.
  • We also have an early release on Thursday. The bus will arrive at 12:45, and once the bus leaves, the rest of the students will be released like we normally do. 
:) Miss McPheron

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