Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Merry Weekly Wrap Up

We spent our short, cold week working on addition, the letter f, and Christmas! With the temperatures so cold, Friday afternoon was the first time we made it outside all week.

We took our math test for addition yesterday, and I was very pleased! You can see the scores on the Parent Portal. We are going to do some review activities this week, and then we will start subtraction after Christmas. Your child needs to be fluent in addition and subtraction facts up to 5. This is a great way for you to work at home with them. Because it is within 5, they will be able to use one hand! The facts they should know are 0+0, 0+1, 0+2, 0+3, 0+4, 0+5, 1+1, 1+2, 1+3, 1+4, 2+1, 2+2, 2+3, 3+2, and 4+1.

We worked on writing some simple words in shaving cream on Wednesday. This is a fun way to work on such an important skill. You could do this at home and use words with just three sounds, like run, sit, pat, top, and dig. You can also practice painting the words or making them with playdoh.

We are learning about Christmas traditions around the world. We talked about our traditions here in America. We labeled Santa, one of our favorite part about Christmas!

We learned about the legend of the poinsettia from Mexico and made a poinsettia in our scrapbooks. We also talked about Las Posadas, another Mexican celebration.

We learned about the legend of La Befana from Italy as well. She brings gifts to the children in Italy on Three Kings Day. We looked at landmarks from Italy and drew a picture of La Befana in their scrapbooks. This one has a broom and a basket in La Befana's hand, like we saw in the story we read.

Next week, we will learn about Germany and Sweden. We also will do a short study on reindeer. Our letter next week is o, and our sight words are they, you, and were.

Upcoming Dates
  • Thursday, December 19 - Public Library Christmas Action Hour 3-4 PM at Upper Sandusky Community Library
  • Winter Break: December 23-January 2, Classes resume January 3
  • We are outside if the windchill is 20. Please send a warm coat, hats, and gloves with your student. They need snow boots if they want to be in the snow. Otherwise they have to stay on the blacktop. 
  • We are going to decorate cookies on Friday. If you want to send in a jar of frosting or sprinkles, please do! 
Hope you are enjoying this snow-filled weekend!
Miss McPheron

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

Christmas is right around the corner, and we are gearing up with more Christmas fun each day!

This week, we learned about the difference between wants and needs. We made a graphic organizer for wants and another one for needs. We showed examples by writing a word and illustrating.
We sorted different items on  wants and needs stockings.
We read The Pigeon Wants a Puppy by Mo Willems and created examples of needs and wants for a pigeon.

We ended the week by writing letters to Santa about what we want for Christmas. The Daily Chief Union is going to help deliver those letters - and give you all a chance to read them!

As I told you at conferences, we started working on addition this week in math. I have been impressed so far! We are using objects to help us add, so encouraging your kids to practice using by using their fingers is a great strategy!

We took a quiz on Friday to practice writing addition sentences for objects. Scores for that quiz are posted on your Parent Portal. We will keep working this week with adding up to 10, and Friday we will take a test.

Next week, we will start our Christmas Around the World Unit. Monday, we will share some of our own Christmas traditions before we start learning about Christmas in Mexico, Germany, Italy, and Sweden. If you have not sent a Christmas photo of your child in yet, please put one in their folder for Monday. You can also email it to me and I can print it.

Our sight words are the same next week - your, as, see, and look. We will be focusing on the letter F.

Upcoming Dates
  • Tuesday, December 10 - Book orders due
  • Wednesday, December 11 - Early Release, 1:30
  • December 23-January 2 - Winter Break, No School
  • Friday, January 3 - Classes Resume
As temperatures get colder, please remember that we go outside when the windchill is above 20. We are outside about 45 minutes a day for recess, so your child needs a warm coat, hats, and gloves. If there is snow on the ground, they may bring snow boots to change into for recess. Without snow boots, they have to stay on the blacktop. Thanks!

:) Miss McPheron

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekly Wrap Up

We spent this week learning about the first Thanksgiving and talking about what we are thankful for. We made a foldable that you saw come home on Monday that told a simple story of the first Thanksgiving. The kids did a great job remembering words like Mayflower, Wampanoag, Squanto, and Pilgrims.

We learned about how the Wampanoag people helped the Pilgrims learn to plant corn by adding some fish for fertilizer. We made dirt pudding to help us remember! The pudding represented the dirt, the marshmallows represented the seed, and the gummy fish represented the fish. They were so busy eating, most of my pictures didn't turn out great - but here are a couple!

We learned that being thankful means that we are glad for something that we have. We read a couple different books and created a word web of what we are thankful for. We made a turkey that you will see at conferences and also did some writing for a class book.

In Reading, our story was about ducks, so we compared wood ducks with Little Quack. Did you know that wood ducks jump out of a tree into the water at only one day old?? We watched a video from National Geographic showing just that! We are working on retelling stories - when you read at home, have your child tell you all the important parts they remember from the story. Order is important!

In Math, we finished our chapter on decomposing numbers. Decomposing the math term for breaking numbers apart into 2 groups. They did awesome with this! I am going to share the math test we took on Thursday with you at conferences. We are moving to addition after we get back from Thanksgiving Break.

Upcoming Dates
November 25-26 Parent Teacher Conferences - please be on time so we can stay on schedule!
November 27-29 No School, Thanksgiving Break
December 4 - Picture Retakes and Candids
December 11 - Early Release 1:35
December 23-January 2 No School, Christmas Break
January 3 - Classes Resume

Grades have been updated in the Parent Portal. I did a skills check with each student this week to see how we are growing. If you have any questions at all, conferences is a great time to ask! I am looking forward to seeing each of you this week!

:) Miss McPheron

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a busy week, and I saw a lot of growth in the kids this week!

In Math, we are working on decomposing numbers. We have done this by coloring pictures into 2 groups, circling pictures into 2 groups, using double sided counters, and number bonds. Each time, we record the numbers that make the total (2 and 1 make 3). We will keep working this week on decomposing and take a math test on Friday. You will see a homework sheet for extra practice on Monday night.

At the teacher table during math centers on Friday, we unscrambled a picture using 10s frames to order the pictures. Some students matched the 10s frame to the same 10s frame, others matched it to the number, and others had to put it in order without a guide. The hidden picture was a cornucopia!

We started learning about turkeys this week in preparation for Thanksgiving. We labeled the parts of a turkey and learned about the way a turkey grows up. We had fun yesterday afternoon acting like a turkey by flapping our wings, scratching for seeds, and gobbling. Next week, we will learn about the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe that shared the first Thanksgiving and also talk about what we are thankful for.

We continue to work on learning to read and to understand what we read. Keep working on those sight words! If you want to do extra, have your kids read simple words with just three sounds (pin, pat, tap, rip, rap, rat). We will be working on the letter R next week and adding can to our sight words.

Upcoming Dates
-November 25-26: Parent Teacher Conferences - No School for Students
-November 27-29: No School, Thanksgiving Break
-December 4: Picture Retakes
-December 11: Early Release, 1:35 PM
-December 23-January 3: No School

-This is the last week for our boxtop and soup labels contest - send in what you can!
-Make sure your child brings warm enough clothes for outside recess. We go outside if the windchill is 20. Gloves, hats, and a coat that zips will keep them warm for the 45 minutes they are outside!

Thanks for reading! I'm looking forward to seeing you at Parent Teacher Conferences.
:) Miss McPheron

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

This week we learned about voting and Veteran's Day.

We learned about the president, and the kids wrote a sentence about what a president does. On Tuesday, we read 2 different stories - Grace for President and Duck for President. The kids got to vote for their favorite. Grace won! On Wednesday, we voted for our favorite snack - after we tried both, of course! Chips won soundly over popcorn. You should have seen a recording sheet come home in their folders that we did with that.

We also started learning about Veteran's Day and talking about what soldiers do. We did a Give Me Three activity where we chose words from our brainstorming and learning that made sense with the category.

On Thursday, we wrote thank you notes to a soldier! I have a friend in the air force, so we worked really hard to make him some notes, and I sent them to him! They wrote things like "You protect us," "You keep us safe," and "You are brave."

On Monday, if you have anything you wanted your child to bring about a Veteran in your family to share with the class, please remember to send it in! After we wrap up our study about Veteran's Day we are starting to learn about the history of Thanksgiving. That would be a great conversation to have with your child as well as talking with them about what it means to be thankful!

Next week, our letters are B and N. Our sight words are with, me, she, and all. In math, we are working on breaking numbers down into pairs. This is called decomposing a number. That means we look at the number 4 and say we can make that with 3 and 1, 2 and 2, and 1 and 3. It is a brand new concept, but they are getting the hang of it! You will have a math homework sheet come home on Monday that looks at this concept as well.

Upcoming Dates
  • Wednesday, November 13 - Scholastic Book Orders Due
  • Wednesday, November 13 - Early Release, 1:30
  • Monday, November 25-Tuesday, November 26 - No School, Parent Teacher Conferences (If you have not returned your form, please do so as soon as you can!)
  • Wednesday, November 27-Friday, November 29 - No School, Thanksgiving Break
  • Send in any boxtops you have. Currently, our class is winning! Keep up the great work!
  • We are outside about 45 minutes a day for recess. If the temperature is less than 60, students need to have a coat. We go outside as long as it is not raining and the windchill is more than 20. 
Have a great week!
:) Miss McPheron

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Batty Weekly Wrap Up

This week we studied bats. We learned that they use echolocation and are nocturnal. Then, we compared the wingspan of different bats, from the 6" bumblebee bat to the 5 foot Giant Flying Fox! We also learned that one bat can eat 600 mosquitoes in 1 hour!

We also read Stellaluna and compared birds and bats.

This week in math, we worked on counting to 100 by 1s and 10s. We will keep working on this all year, and we have a few fun songs we will sing throughout the year to help us practice! Our goal by the end of the year is for every child to be able to count to 100 both by 1s and 10s. This is a great way for you to help your child at home!

In Reading, we worked on realism vs. fantasy and are continuing to work on reading simple books. Keep up the great work with the reading bags that come home! I am impressed by the improvements I'm seeing, and I hope you're seeing them at home as well!

Next week, we are working on sequencing events from stories. Our sight words are he, not, and for. Our letter of the week is Ii. We are going to begin to decomposing numbers. This means we are breaking a number down into different pairs. For example, 5 can be made 0+5, 1+4, 2+3, 3+2, 4+1, and 5+0. You will see a homework sheet come home on Monday reviewing some numbers beyond 10. Last week, every student returned their homework!

We are going to learn about elections and Veteran's this week as well.

Upcoming Dates
  • Wednesday, November 13: Early Release 1:30
  • Wednesday, November 13: Book Orders Due
  • Monday, November 25-26: Parent Teacher Conferences, No School
  • Wednesday, November 27-29: No School, Thanksgiving Break
As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Miss McPheron

Friday, October 25, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

This week, we learned about pumpkins, main idea, and numbers beyond 10.

On Monday, we had a Magic Show that was sponsored by North Central Electric Cooperative. We learned about ways to be safe with electricity.
In Math, we worked on showing numbers up to 20 on 10s frames. The kids are becoming very quick at representing numbers! In case you are curious, we fill 10s frame left to right, from top to bottom - just like we read. We do 2 colors so they easily can see how many rows are filled.

In Science, we brainstormed words about pumpkin and then came up with questions as a class to study. We wanted to know:
  1. What does a pumpkin look like inside?
  2. What does a pumpkin look like inside? 
  3. What can we do with a pumpkin? 
  4. How can we measure a pumpkin?
  5. How does a pumpkin grow?
We measured the height with cubes, the outside (circumference) with links, and counted the number of lines on the outside. We learned that the more lines there are, the more seeds there will be! We started counting some of the seeds using a 100s chart, but stopped after we reached 150. We got to taste some toasted pumpkin seeds today!

 Next week, we are going to be learning about bats. Our letter is C, and our new sight word is at. We will keep working on this week's words as well. We are going to work on counting to 100 and we should be taking our chapter 3 math test this week. On Monday, you will see Math homework come home. Please help your child - the directions are at the bottom - and send back the next day!

Grade cards will come home on Wednesday. Please return the envelope by Friday.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased things from the book fair - each classroom has money to spend on books for our kids now!

:) Miss McPheron