Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

We have successfully completed our second nine weeks! Can you believe we are already halfway through kindergarten? Since we came back from Christmas, I have been meeting with each student to see how they're doing with our standards and expectations. Grade cards will come home on Wednesday.

This week, we finished up our Science Unit on Matter. We were looking at how matter changes states. Each student got a spoon and an ice cube, and we *very quietly* walked up and down the hallway with our ice cubes to see if they change. They were awesome and had lots of fun. I tried to get good pictures, but they didn't stand still long enough!

After our spoon trip, we came back and worked on some changing matter with a snowman. We talked about what happens to a snowman when the sun comes out, then pulled in cause and effect for an activity that is hanging in our hallway right now.

We also talked about what the molecules look like in different forms of matter. They used q-tips to paint a liquid, solid, and a gas.

One of our science standards says that we can sort by property, so we sorted solids into the materials they are made out of. We had fabric, plastic, rock, and wood.

We also talked about Martin Luther King, Jr. a little bit this week. We started by reading the book The Crayon Box That Talked. This simple poem talks about a crayon box that didn't get along and didn't like each other until a little girl took them home and made a beautiful picture. A quote from the poem says "We are a box of crayons, each one of us unique. But when we get together, the picture is complete." Each student decorated a crayon and we now have a box of crayons on our classroom door celebrating each student.
We also looked at a book called Martin's Big Words. We didn't read much of it, but we looked at the illustrations and read some of the quotes. Then I challenged the kids to think of things they want to make our world a better place. They came up with a list that included love, peace, believe, be nice, and be caring. They then made a dream cloud with 3 things they dream for.

Our school wide snow ball fight is underway! For every 10 box tops a student brings in, they get to "throw" a snowball at another class. If we have the least amount of snowballs thrown at us, we get to have a paper snowball fight in the gym. So far, I think it's pretty even - keep sending in box tops and Campbell's Soup Labels! This runs through the end of January.

This week, we will be working on blends at the beginning (sl, bl, pl, gl, fl, cl) and end (nd, st, sk, ft) of words. We have been focusing on words with just 3 sounds, but now we will have 4. Our sight words are one, two, three, four, and five. In math, we will start looking at measuring and comparing objects by length. In Social Studies, we are going to work on some mapping. We will look at a globe and flat map.

We have library on Tuesday, so please remember to send back your child's library book. Reading bags should come home on Tuesday and a homework sheet should come home on Thursday.

:) Miss McPheron

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