Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

We ended up having a very short week! President's Day was on Monday, and then we had our first snow day of the year on Friday.

In Math this week, we worked on ordering numbers 1-10 using playing cards. Next week, we will be comparing these numbers by playing war.

We spent our Science time this week talking about Dental Health. On Thursday, students practiced flossing by flossing some playdoh out of some megablocks. They did a great job and had a lot of fun!

We finally filled our warm fuzzy jar last week! Our prize this time was an ice cream sundae party!

This week, we will be working with the letter u. Our sight words will be what, was, said, and if.  We will be working on sound for science, so if you have anything you want to send in to help us make instruments, please do so by Friday. We can use coffee cans, tissue boxes, and paper towel tubes.

We also can use some playdoh for inside recess and baby wipes for centers.

I will be doing a skills check with each student this week for interim reports. At the end of the week, new grades will be posted on the Parent Portal. There are some scores up for this quarter with different skills I've been checking as well as scores from the Math Skills Checks you have been seeing come home.

Have a great week!
:) Miss McPheron

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Weekly Wrap Up

We had a great week! We worked on lots of new things, and got to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Math: This week, we looked at cylinders. We observed how they are different than circles, and ordered them by height.

On Friday, we sorted and graphed candy hearts.




We also worked on ABC patterns this week. They made patterns with hearts.

In Social Studies, we finished our mapping unit. We looked at a map of the world and color coded the continents.


We also looked at globes, and colored to show land and water.

We also played a game where they spun the globe and pointed to a spot on the globe and we had to decide if it was land or water.

We also started talking about President's day. We learned about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. For George Washington, we unscrambled a sentence and colored a picture. They did a great job cutting around his head.


For Abraham Lincoln, we flipped a penny 10 times to see if landed on heads or tails. The two ended up tying, and we wrote a number sentence 5+5=10.




Friday afternoon, we had our Valentine's Day celebration. Every child got to pass out their cards. Here is everyone's box!

Next week, we are looking at the letter x and our sight words are blue, green, yellow, and there. In Math, we will be comparing numbers. For Science, we are going to talk about Dental Health.

In two weeks, we are doing our Sound Unit. Please send in anything that might help us create instruments, like coffee cans and paper towel rolls. We also could use some play doh for indoor recess and some tissues for all of our runny noses.

Scholastic Book Orders are due on Thursday. If you want to order online, you can go to and our code is LDH7X.

Yearbook orders are due Friday, February 22. Spring pictures are Thursday, February 21. A page came home for you to select a pose. After pictures, every child will get their pictures and you can choose to purchase them after that.

Have a great week!
Miss McPheron