Tuesday, February 5, 2013

100th Day Celebration

Today was our 100th day of school! Can you believe we have already had 100 days of kindergarten?

We started our morning off by coloring ties that said "Isn't it cool - 100th day of school."

Our next project we did in chunks throughout the day. Each student was given a 100th day crown, and by the end of the day, the crowns had 100 stickers on them! They did an awesome job counting and were also building fine motor skills to peel all those stickers off the sheets.

Some of the little sweeties wore their hats all day without taking them off!

We worked on identifying numbers from 1-100 to reveal a secret message hidden in a 100s chart.

We also made a chain of 100 linking chains and a tower of 100 linking cubes to decide which one was longer. This helped address our standard of comparing length and also gave us more practice counting to 100 - also a kindergarten standard!

For inside recess this afternoon, the students got to color a pennant that says "I'm 100 days smarter!" We put their school picture on it, and the pennants are hanging in our classroom window.

The last activity we did was painting 10 gumballs in 10 gumball machines. They worked with a partner and moved around to the different stations.

We had a fantastic 100th day! We still have 80 more days of school to keep learning. The K-3 teachers today wore matching shirts.

You can check out more pictures from East of the 100th day by going to the school website.

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