Saturday, March 2, 2013

Exploring Sound

This week in Science, we learned all about sound. Students learned that sound is energy we can hear that is created by vibrations.

We started Monday by exploring vibrations by hitting a homemade drum to watch some pom poms bounce on the top.

The students unscrambled a sentence to say "Sound is energy we can hear." and illustrated the sentence by showing our investigation.

On Tuesday, students were given the opportunity to explore with different instruments. They rotated and got to play each one. After they explored, we talked about how to change sound, such as hitting a triangle harder. They wrote in their sound journal about how to change sound.

On Wednesday, we talked about ways to make sounds, such as clapping, snapping and stomping.

Thursday, the students were able to create their own instruments. Thanks to a couple kids, we had enough supplies for everyone to make their own! The students could make a drum, a shaker, or a guitar.

The kids an answer time learning about sound, and told Mrs. Spoors, our music teacher, all about what they learned during her class on Friday morning.

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