Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

This week, Upper Sandusky had kindergarten screening for next year's kindergarten. Because of that, the kids had a sub the last part of the week. I don't have any pictures to share this week.

In math, they worked on addition and subtraction word problems. They had to draw a picture and use a number line as well as writing the number sentence. They had a lot of review with different language arts skills and talked about the water cycle and rain. We finished off our animal unit at the beginning of the week by writing about adaptations that beavers and camels have.

Next week, we are talking about Earth Day. We are going to do some measurement, working with symmetry, and some problem solving. We have already learned the oo chunk in the phonics dance, but we will be working more with it this week. Our sight words will be six, seven, eight, nine, and ten.

Upcoming Dates
  • Library - Tuesday
  • Friday, April 19 - Scholastic Book Orders Due
  • Friday, April 19 - McDonald's Peeler Fundraiser due
Have a great week!
Miss McPheron

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