Friday, September 13, 2013

Fair Week Wrap Up

We only had 3 days of school this week due to fair. A good portion of our week was spent completing the i-Ready assessments on the Chrome Books in Math and Reading. This a computer based assessment that give us information about areas that your child is doing well in and areas we need to focus more instruction on. The scores from this week serve as a starting point and the goal for the year is to see growth on both the winter and spring assessments.

We completed our Kindergarten Readiness Assessment - Literacy (KRA-L) last week, and I will be sending home scores in your child's orange folder. I'm pleased to say that is the last of the state mandated assessments we will be doing for awhile!

On Tuesday, you will see a reading bag come home in your child's backpack. There is a bag with some flashcards of all of our sight words so far. For your child to read fluently, they need to be able to read the word within 3 seconds for us to say they know the word. There will also be some short books in the bag. I ask that your child read at least 1 book to you. There is a colored sheet for you to sign. Please return the reading bag on Wednesday.

Next week, our sight words are the, little and his. We will finish with letter recognition this week, so the week after we will begin having one letter a week. We are going to be learning about the Constitution on Monday and Tuesday and then begin our Apple unit for Science and Social Studies. Please wear red, white, and blue again on Tuesday for Constitution Day. In math, we are still working on numbers 1-5 and the words greater than, less than, and equal. 

Thank you for your book orders! When you order, I get points for our classroom that I can spend, and I am excited for the books and resources that all the students in our classroom will benefit from! I will send home the books as soon as I'm able to get them all sorted out correctly. I am hopeful they will arrive early next week.

No pictures this week due to the short week and trying to use the time we were not testing most effectively. Thank you for reading! I am enjoying your kids and watching them grow as learners!

:) Miss McPheron

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