Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up: Apples!

We started our study on apples this week. A lot of our centers were apple themed and we used our senses to describe and share our opinions about apples.

We tasted 3 different colors of apples and graphed our favorite apples on the Smart Board.

They wrote a simple sentence to tell the color of the apple they liked best. They were so proud of their work, and I was too!

This week, we will be learning about the life cycle of an apple so we figure out where that pie actually comes from. We will also learn about Johnny Appleseed and end the week by making applesauce in our room!

Next week in Reading, we are working with the letter Mm and our sight words are a, to, and be. You should hopefully see the Reading Bags come home on Tuesday night. Please read 1 book and practice all the sight words and return the bag the next day.

In Math, we just finished chapter 1, which worked with numbers 0-5. We can write the numbers, count sets of objects, compare them, and use good math words like more, greater than, less, and equal. I was very impressed with the scores on the assessment we took Thursday. Grades are posted on your parent portal, and you will also see those tests come home Monday or Tuesday. We are moving on to numbers up to 10 and doing similar activities. You will see worksheets with tens frames come home. These are boxes with 10 spaces in them that we use to show numbers up to 10.

Thanks for reading! As always, please contact me with any questions!
:) Miss McPheron

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