Friday, October 25, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

This week, we learned about pumpkins, main idea, and numbers beyond 10.

On Monday, we had a Magic Show that was sponsored by North Central Electric Cooperative. We learned about ways to be safe with electricity.
In Math, we worked on showing numbers up to 20 on 10s frames. The kids are becoming very quick at representing numbers! In case you are curious, we fill 10s frame left to right, from top to bottom - just like we read. We do 2 colors so they easily can see how many rows are filled.

In Science, we brainstormed words about pumpkin and then came up with questions as a class to study. We wanted to know:
  1. What does a pumpkin look like inside?
  2. What does a pumpkin look like inside? 
  3. What can we do with a pumpkin? 
  4. How can we measure a pumpkin?
  5. How does a pumpkin grow?
We measured the height with cubes, the outside (circumference) with links, and counted the number of lines on the outside. We learned that the more lines there are, the more seeds there will be! We started counting some of the seeds using a 100s chart, but stopped after we reached 150. We got to taste some toasted pumpkin seeds today!

 Next week, we are going to be learning about bats. Our letter is C, and our new sight word is at. We will keep working on this week's words as well. We are going to work on counting to 100 and we should be taking our chapter 3 math test this week. On Monday, you will see Math homework come home. Please help your child - the directions are at the bottom - and send back the next day!

Grade cards will come home on Wednesday. Please return the envelope by Friday.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased things from the book fair - each classroom has money to spend on books for our kids now!

:) Miss McPheron

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