Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekly Wrap Up

We spent this week learning about the first Thanksgiving and talking about what we are thankful for. We made a foldable that you saw come home on Monday that told a simple story of the first Thanksgiving. The kids did a great job remembering words like Mayflower, Wampanoag, Squanto, and Pilgrims.

We learned about how the Wampanoag people helped the Pilgrims learn to plant corn by adding some fish for fertilizer. We made dirt pudding to help us remember! The pudding represented the dirt, the marshmallows represented the seed, and the gummy fish represented the fish. They were so busy eating, most of my pictures didn't turn out great - but here are a couple!

We learned that being thankful means that we are glad for something that we have. We read a couple different books and created a word web of what we are thankful for. We made a turkey that you will see at conferences and also did some writing for a class book.

In Reading, our story was about ducks, so we compared wood ducks with Little Quack. Did you know that wood ducks jump out of a tree into the water at only one day old?? We watched a video from National Geographic showing just that! We are working on retelling stories - when you read at home, have your child tell you all the important parts they remember from the story. Order is important!

In Math, we finished our chapter on decomposing numbers. Decomposing the math term for breaking numbers apart into 2 groups. They did awesome with this! I am going to share the math test we took on Thursday with you at conferences. We are moving to addition after we get back from Thanksgiving Break.

Upcoming Dates
November 25-26 Parent Teacher Conferences - please be on time so we can stay on schedule!
November 27-29 No School, Thanksgiving Break
December 4 - Picture Retakes and Candids
December 11 - Early Release 1:35
December 23-January 2 No School, Christmas Break
January 3 - Classes Resume

Grades have been updated in the Parent Portal. I did a skills check with each student this week to see how we are growing. If you have any questions at all, conferences is a great time to ask! I am looking forward to seeing each of you this week!

:) Miss McPheron

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  1. Thank you for keeping us updated! I really enjoy looking at your pics you post every week! Paradise and I will look through this every week and she explains to me all the pictures and what the class was doing during! GREAT JOB Miss McPheron and class!