Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Can you believe we made it to Christmas break?!? We spent our week using position words in math to describe the location of objects. The students worked with partners to practice putting buttons in locations.

We used shaving cream on our desks to practice writing words. This is something you can easily do at home! We are writing words that have 3 sounds - you can use words that are on the newsletters for some ideas.

 We learned about Christmas in Italy, Sweden, Germany and Mexico for our Christmas Around the World Study. In Sweden, they celebrate St. Lucia Day, and we made head wreaths.
We decorated cookies today and made ornaments. They are all coming home in a goody bag, so make sure to check the backpacks tonight!

Thank you for all the lovely gifts today - I hope you all have a very merry Christmas! We will be back in school on Monday, January 5th.

:) Miss McPheron

Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a busy week - so busy, would you believe I forgot to take pictures? With extra music practices, the time that was in the classroom, we were very focused. There is a Christmas Program album with photos of our class on the East Website.

In Math, we wrapped up our 3 dimensional shape study and began position words. The kids are doing wonderfully with words like in front of, behind, below, above, and next to. This will be our last chapter before Christmas. After Christmas, we jump back into numbers and begin the foundations for addition and subtraction.

In Reading, we are working hard on retelling. Students need to be able to tell everything from a story they remember in order. They should include things like character's names and major events. We are reading a lot of versions of The Gingerbread Man and using those to retell. Today, we compared the original story with The Gingerbread Cowboy.

We will be doing some Christmas themed activities next week, and continuing our Christmas Around the World Unit.

Short and sweet - hope you have a wonderful weekend!
:) Miss McPheron

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

This week we learned about needs and wants. We learned that needs are things we have to have to survive, like food, water, clothing and shelter. We drew examples.

We sorted by needs and wants.

We also used Mo Willems' pigeon to draw something the pigeon wants and needs.

We also wrote letters to Santa about some wants we have.

In Math, we are working on 3 dimensional shapes. We learned about cubes, spheres, cylinders, and cones. Some of our vocabulary words are edge, vertex, and face. We have worked with the shapes to decide if they roll, stack, and slide.

Next week, we will continue learning about 3 dimensional shapes, and also begin talking about position words, like beside, under, above, below, and next to. We are also going to learn about Christmas Around the World.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the Christmas Program on Thursday. Students need to be in our classroom at 6:30 that evening, and all students will return to our room after our portion. You may pick them up at that time or after the other performances.

Please see your newsletter for current dates and other skills we are working on. Thanks!

:) Miss McPheron

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Wrap Up

The last two weeks have been very busy with seasonal activities!
We learned about Veterans Day and soldiers. We did some writing about soldiers, and then we sent letters to one of my friends who is a pilot in the Navy.
We have been working on two-dimensional shapes. We made shapes from components using playdoh as vertices and toothpicks as sides.

We learned about the first Thanksgiving and made headdresses that used shapes. We learned some Native American dances and listened to some Native American music.

We also did a project with second grade about the first Thanksgiving. We read the story and made bracelets.

I look forward to seeing you all at conferences. Please be on time, as my conferences are mostly back to back and 15 minutes each. If you have any concerns, this is a perfect time to address those! Thanks for all you do, have a great Thanksgiving!
Miss McPheron