Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

I hesitate to call this a weekly wrap up since we only were there 2 days! We spent our first 2 days back after break doing review work and getting back in the groove of school.

 Next week, we will be back to our normal schedule. We will be working on the letter Hh and our sight words will be are, that, do, play, and mom. Our quarter ends on Friday, so I will be checking skills with each student this week. This is a great time to practice those sight words and review reading simple words!

 You should have found a small bag of math flashcards in your child's folder on Friday. Please keep those in their folder and return each day. Those are the addition facts they need to know in kindergarten. We are going to start working on subtraction this week, so in a few weeks you will find subtraction cards in a different color as well. We will be practicing at school and we are going to start a rotation on the iPads in the morning on an app called Math Heroes.

  • Next week's lunch schedule will follow January 6-10. You should have found a slip with the menu in their folder on Thursday. 
  • We will go outside as much as possible for recess through the winter. When the wind chill is 20 or above, we are outside! Please send hats, gloves, and a warm coat that zips with your child each day. In order to play in the snow (and go out on the equipment) your child needs snow boots. They can also bring snow pants, but they are responsible for dressing themselves. 
Have a great weekend! 

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