Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a short week - again - but we learned a lot! We talked about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We attempted a penny rubbing for Abraham Lincoln that we need extra practice on to get the right technique. In Science, we started learning about objects we see in the sky. We brainstormed and put them in categories.

 We used a Venn Diagram to help us compare and contrast night and day. We pointed out that sometimes the moon is out during the day, so we put it in the middle.
We learned about the sun and wrote a short report as a class about the sun.
We will continue to learn about the sky this week. We will learn about the moon and the stars. We will do a couple days of dental health as well for dental health month!

In Math, we started learning about 3-dimensional shapes. On Monday, your child's homework will be to bring in 1 small example of a cylinder, cube, cone, or sphere. You will see a note with something for your child to fill out in their folder. Scores for the 2-dimensional shape tests are online.

Friday was our 100th day of school - we finally made it there! They made some artwork with the numbers 100 that is hanging in our classroom right now. They also did a race to 100 with dice. Their favorite 100th day center was building a 100th day structure though!

Important dates and announcements should have been in your newsletters this week. You may notice I added a section called Words to Read and Sentences to read. This is to give you a resource to work with your child at home! I am doing some quick checks this week to see the progress they are making. Keep an eye on the Parent Portal online to see what I've added grades for. Please contact me with any questions!

Miss McPheron

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blizzard Bag #2

We had 100% participation in our first Blizzard Bag day! Thank you for your hard work!!

Today is Blizzard Bag Day 2 - pull out the second sheet from your folder and complete the 4 activities. If you need a different writing prompt, you may write about Valentine's Day or penguins since we studied them last week. If your check sheet is missing from your folder, you can find the E-Learning Calamity Day Check Sheet here.

It is Tuesday, so you need to complete the assignment for Mrs. Fahle for art. Here is the link.

Remember, participation is mandatory as it goes in the grade book as a grade. We also have to have so many students across the district participate for it to actually count as a blizzard bag day.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Right to Read Week Wrap Up

This week was Right to Read Week at East. Our class read 280 minutes throughout the week! We are becoming great readers and their stamina is building. We read with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade throughout the week.

We had a couple guest readers come in to read to us. 2 of my aunts were able to come read to us! One is an artist who has written a book called "Oh No! More Snow!" (You can find the book online from Barnes and Noble) She showed us how she did the linocut print making. She also helped us make the valentine's cards your kiddos brought home.

Another one of my aunts came to read Snowmen at Night. We looked for different items in the story as she read. We wrote about what our own snowmen might do at night to go into a class book for our classroom library.
We continued to work on 2-dimensional shapes this week. I have just a couple left to check for our chapter test, which we did one-on-one with me instead of a paper test this time. We made shapes out of components using marshmallows as our vertices and toothpicks as our sides.

Next week, we will start 3-dimensional shapes.

:) Miss McPheron

Friday, February 7, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Well, we almost had a full week! This has been quite the winter!

In Reading, we are plugging away and we read quite a few books on our own this week. Next week is Right to Read Week, so we will be reading from our reading bags every day. You will notice on Tuesday when they come back that they are quite full right now, but I'll empty them out after Right to Read Week is over. Remember on Monday to wear a winter hat to kick off Spirit Week!

In Math, we started working on Geometry. In kindergarten, we need to be able to describe a shape as 2-D or 3-D and describe their attributes. We made charts for each 2-D shape this week and looked for examples of those shapes in our classroom.
Here are a couple squares.

Here are some rectangles.

Here a couple circles.

We sorted squares and rectangles.
We sorted triangles and not triangles as a table.

In kindergarten, we also need to be able to compose shapes from smaller shapes. We used pattern blocks to figure out different ways to fill a hexagon.

 We also worked with geoboards (peg boards with rubber bands) but I sadly forgot to take pictures of that!

In Science, we learned that sound is energy that travels as vibrations that we can hear. We used a drum with pom poms to see the vibrations.

We explored with different instruments and learned that sound can be changed by shaking or hitting harder.

We did some writing about sound. I was impressed with how well they are sounding out the words they are writing!

A huge thank you for doing such an incredible job with the blizzard bags! We had a great response. A few of you need to do the gym assignment for Mrs. Karg, and you should have found a note in your folder today if you are one of those people.

Upcoming Dates
  • Right to Read Spirit Days - See your newsletter and hand out that came home.
  • Wednesday, February 12 - Early Release 1:35
  • Friday, February 14 - Yearbook Orders Due
  • Friday, February 14 - Valentine's Day Party: Please send a decorated box for valentines day on Friday for our party! If you would like to bring cards, please make sure there is one for everyone. We have 22 students. To make it easy, don't individually address them, although I did send home a class list. It takes a while for the kids to pass them out and read the names.
  • Monday, February 17 - No School, President's Day
  • February 19 - Scholastic Book Orders Due
  • February 20 - Spring Pictures
I will be putting in participation scores for blizzard bag assignments and grades for a couple math quizzes. You can find these scores in your parent portal. If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to contact me!

Miss McPheron

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blizzard Bag for Wednesday, February 5

You have probably received Mr. Eaglowski's phone call canceling school for tomorrow. The district will be using tomorrow as an e-learning day so that we do not have to make it up at the end of the year.

You have a Calamity Day Checklist in the back of your orange folder. Your child needs to complete one of these days and return it to school on Thursday. If you cannot find one of the checklists, follow this link to our e-learning page.

You also need to complete an assignment for Mrs. Karg for Gym since we will miss that class.

If you have any questions, please email me at and I will do my best to get back to you.

Update: We received new information, and failure to complete the assignments does not count as an unexcused absence. The required assignments will be in the grade book for a completion grade only. 

Miss McPheron

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Another Short Weekly Wrap Up

We made it through 2 full days this week!

We took our Diagnostic tests on i-Ready for both Math and Reading this week. I am so pleased with the growth we have made! I will be sharing the results with you soon.

Math: We took a quiz on subtraction and we are ready to move on to some geometry next week. We are going to start with two-dimensional shapes. We will be using vocabulary like vertex, sides, and two-dimensional.

Reading: We started working with consonant blends this week, and we will continue to work with blends next week as well. You will see these words with 4 sounds in some of the books that are in reading bags.

E-Learning/Blizzard Bags: The next time we cancel school, Mr. Eaglowski will use an e-learning day to allow us to not need to make up that missed day. Materials for our e-learning day are already located behind the sight words in your orange folder. The link is also available on the right side of our classroom blog. Please do not complete any of these activities until the e-learning day is called. Participation is mandatory, as it counts as an unexcused absence if you do not do the assignment. Students have 10 days to complete the assignment, but it is best to bring it to school the next day. You  may have looked at the assignment page, and you will see it is all review and good skills to do with your child regularly.
Upcoming Dates
  • Monday, February 3 - Title 1 Night at Upper Sandusky Community Library 6:30-7:45
  • February 10-14 - Right to Read Week (Handouts will come home next week)
  • February 12 - Early Release 1:35
  • February 14 - Valentine's Day Party - Class lists and party information should come home on Monday
  • February 17 - No School, President's Day
  • February 20 - Spring Pictures
  • Send in any boxtops or Campbells Soup Labels for our snowball contest
  • We go outside if the windchill is 20. Students need boots to play in the snow and should have a warm coat, hat, and gloves.
Have a great weekend!
:) Miss McPheron