Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a short week - again - but we learned a lot! We talked about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We attempted a penny rubbing for Abraham Lincoln that we need extra practice on to get the right technique. In Science, we started learning about objects we see in the sky. We brainstormed and put them in categories.

 We used a Venn Diagram to help us compare and contrast night and day. We pointed out that sometimes the moon is out during the day, so we put it in the middle.
We learned about the sun and wrote a short report as a class about the sun.
We will continue to learn about the sky this week. We will learn about the moon and the stars. We will do a couple days of dental health as well for dental health month!

In Math, we started learning about 3-dimensional shapes. On Monday, your child's homework will be to bring in 1 small example of a cylinder, cube, cone, or sphere. You will see a note with something for your child to fill out in their folder. Scores for the 2-dimensional shape tests are online.

Friday was our 100th day of school - we finally made it there! They made some artwork with the numbers 100 that is hanging in our classroom right now. They also did a race to 100 with dice. Their favorite 100th day center was building a 100th day structure though!

Important dates and announcements should have been in your newsletters this week. You may notice I added a section called Words to Read and Sentences to read. This is to give you a resource to work with your child at home! I am doing some quick checks this week to see the progress they are making. Keep an eye on the Parent Portal online to see what I've added grades for. Please contact me with any questions!

Miss McPheron

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