Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

We've had a busy couple of weeks!

In Reading, we have started learning chunks to help us be more successful decoding. So far we know sh, ch, and th. We also have learned some r controlled vowels - or, ar, ir, ur, and er. We started some long vowel pairs this week as well - ee and ea. This week we are going to be focusing on bossy e at the end of words to make the vowel say its name. Here's a song we will be singing this week.

In Math, we are working on measurement. Students need to be able to compare objects as longer or shorter, taller or shorter, and having more or less capacity. We have been using cubes to help us measure with nonstandard units. We are going to work with inches before the end of the year. We compared the height of a rocket, glue stick, straw and marker.

 In Science, we learned about plants. We learned they need light, water, soil and air. We labeled different parts and we even got to plant some seeds! My dad is a horticulturist and came to teach us about seeds and help us plant.

This week, we are going to learn about animal habitats, and of course, watch our seeds begin to sprout!

Upcoming Dates
April 9: Early Release 1:35
April 17: Easter Egg Hunt
April 18, 21: No School, Easter Break

Have a great week!
Miss McPheron

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

We spent the week learning about sorting, goods and services, and the letter U! With another snow day thrown in the mix, I didn't take many pictures because we were busy!

Blizzard Bags: Thank you for completing your blizzard bag assignments. If you have not sent a note for Mrs. Karg telling her the 30 minutes of activity you did for gym, please do that as soon as possible! 

Math: Our math chapter right now has to do with sorting items into different groups. We have sorted by size so far, and will sort by shape, count, and color next week.

Social Studies: We learned about goods and services in Social Studies. We made examples for each one to go with our definitions and sorted by goods and services. You should have found both of those activities in their folders this week.

Spring Program: Our spring program is on Tuesday in the gym at East. Students should be in our classroom by 6:45 that evening dressed in their nice clothes (no jeans). They will perform first, then we will come back to the classroom while the other grades perform. You will need to come pick them up from our room when you leave. It will be very crowded that evening. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to come to the dress rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday at 8:30. 

Upcoming Dates
  • Tuesday, March 18: Spring Program 7 PM
  • Wednesday, March 19: Early Release 1:35
  • Thursday, March 20: Book Orders Due
  • Friday, March 21: Quarter Ends
  • Wednesday, March 26: Grade Cards Come home
I will be working this week to assess students one on one for grade cards. They should be able to count to 75 and recognize all letters, produce all letter sounds, read 56 sight words, and decode words with 3 and 4 sounds, among many other skills!

Please contact me with any questions. 
 Miss McPheron

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Spring is in the air! We finally made it outside for recess on Thursday and Friday. With the weird weather we are sure to have in March in Ohio, just a few recess reminders.
  • The temperature needs to be 60 for children to not wear a coat at recess. 
  • If the windchill is above 20 we do go outside. Students need hats and gloves as well as a coat that zips.
  • If there is snow on the ground, students need to have snow boots to be allowed off the blacktop. 
On Monday, we celebrated Read Across America Day in honor of Dr. Seuss. We made hats to look like the cat in the hat.

Mr. Eaglowski, our superintendent, came to read to our class and second grade! We are so thankful he could come read Green Eggs and Ham to us.

We stayed with second grade a little longer and did some buddy reading.

We have also been going to 4th grade on Fridays to do buddy reading and play some games with our sight words.

In Math this week, we worked on using position words to describe. They did a tremendous job on this! You will find a quiz grade and a test grade on the parent portal. I will send those tests home early next week. We are going to start working on sort into categories next week. Keep working on those flash cards every night! They are getting more confident and more comfortable with their math facts.

In Social Studies, we learned about community helpers. We studied teachers, doctors, and police officers. We also did a group research project on firefighters. We read nonfiction books and answered 5 questions about firefighters. We used the computer to publish this paragraph, and then illustrated it. They are hanging in our hallway and will come home eventually.
Next week, we will be learning about goods and services.

In Reading, we are continuing to work on reading independently and understanding what we read. We are also working on spelling simple words. We learned how to write narratives last week, so we are working on writing stories with characters and action. Our reading and writing has come such a long way since August!

Upcoming Dates
  • Monday, March 17 - 8:30 AM Dress Rehearsal for spring program - parents and grandparents welcome! Students do not need to wear their dress clothes for dress rehearsals, but they should come to school wearing clean, nice clothes. 
  • Tuesday, March 18 - 8:30 AM Dress Rehearsal #2
  • Tuesday, March 18 - 6:45 Spring Music Program - Students should report to our classroom by 6:45 wearing dress clothes (no jeans). After we perform, we will go back to our classroom for the remainder of the program. You can pick your child up there.
  • Wednesday, March 19 - Early Release 1:35
  • Thursday, March 20 - Book Orders Due
  • Friday, March 21 - End of 3rd quarter
Please let me know if you have any questions! Keep working hard with your kids at home!

Miss McPheron

Saturday, March 1, 2014

We Had a Normal Week! Weekly Wrap Up

We finally had a full, normal week of school with no delays or cancellations!! It's been quite the winter, and I was glad to get back into the swing of things! Now, if it can just warm up a little bit, we can get outside to burn off some energy!

We finished learning about 3-D shapes this week. Your students brought in different examples from home. I had full intentions of taking pictures of these objects...and my camera died 2 kids in!

We took our chapter test yesterday, and those scores will be posted on the parent portal this morning. We are going to be learning about positional words next week. (Next to, beside, above, below)

In Science, we finished our study of the sky. We wrote an informational piece about the moon as a class. We sounded out some words, and some kids knew how to spell some of the bigger words from books they've read - like sometimes! I was impressed. Keep working on writing with your kids at home - spelling of most words doesn't matter, but sight words should be spelled correctly.
We also learned about the phases of the moon.

We learned about stars and constellations on Wednesdays. We got to make our own constellations, which are hanging in our windows right now!

We also learned about dental health this week. We talked about what is good for our teeth and things we should avoid. Colgate sends a pack every year with supplies, so you should have seen a toothbrush come home on Friday.

Next week, we are learning about community helpers. We will being a research project as a class to use different resources to answer questions.

Thanks for reading - as always, if you have any questions, please let me know!
Miss McPheron