Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

We spent this week learning to tell time to the hour. The kids did beautifully! Next year in first grade, they will learn to tell time to the half hour as well. We made clocks, we wrote the time with numbers, and we also drew hands on the clock. Test scores are on the parent portal.

We had more excitement in our class on Thursday - the caterpillars showed up! We learned about the life cycle of a butterfly and watched the caterpillars move around on the document camera. During centers in the coming weeks, they will be observing our caterpillars and watching them turn into a butterfly!
This week, we are going to start learning about money. Our sight words are day, made and has. We are working with oo in words. We also will be learning about insects! It's a busy week - keep working hard at home!

Field Trip: Our Dominos field trip is next Monday, May 5. We will be walking to Dominos around 9:40 in the morning. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately and wears tennis shoes. If it is raining, we will still go as long as there is no lightning.

Upcoming Dates
  • Monday, May 5: Dominos Field Trip, Wear Tennis Shoes
  • Friday, May 23: Kindergarten Family Picnic 10:45 - all students need to bring a packed lunched. Families are invited to bring their own lunch and eat on the lawn with us!
  • Tuesday, May 27: Field Day - Wear Tennis shoes and sunscreen (I cannot help your child apply their sunscreen)
  • Wednesday, May 28: School walks to Harrison Smith Park - Wear tennis shoes and sunscreen
  • Thursday, May 29: Awards Program, 8:30 - Families invited for school awards in gym then back to kindergarten room for cookies and punch
  • Friday, May 30: Last day, early release 1:30 - PTO provides pizza lunch, bring your own drink
Please contact me with any questions!
Miss McPheron

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

We made it to spring break! Can you believe we have just 6 weeks left when we come back? We are finalizing some year end dates that I will share with you soon.

This week we continued working on decomposing numbers 11-19. We used base 10 blocks to model the numbers as well as tens frames. We took a test today, and the students can break teen numbers into groups of 10 and some more. You can find these scores in the grade book online.

Next week in math, we are going to learn to tell time to the hour on analog clocks. (12:00, 3:00, etc)

In Reading, we are working hard with long vowels. We sorted words that used ai and ay as the vowel team.

Next week, we will be working with ck at the end of words and open vowels (hi, me, go).

For some Easter fun this week, we sorted jelly beans and graphed them.

The PTO hosted an Easter Egg hunt today. Big thanks to them - the kids had so much fun!

Next week, we are going to learn about Earth Day and insects.

Enjoy the long weekend - hopefully the weather stays nice to enjoy some time outside!

Happy Easter!
Miss McPheron

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

We worked so hard this week, I forgot to take any pictures!

Math: We are working on base 10 with numbers 11-19. Students are learning that 12 is a group of 10 and 2 more. In Math centers on Friday, they worked 3 different ways building numbers. They used physical base 10 blocks to make numbers 1-49. In small groups with me, we used the same objects on the iPad to make different numbers. Some groups even worked on numbers in the 100s! They also played a game from ABCYa that you can find here if you want. We took a quiz on Friday, and you will see grades posted hopefully by the end of the weekend.

Reading: We worked on ch and sh this week. On Friday, we did an activity called scoot where they had to fill in missing chunks of 20 different words. I was very impressed, and they seem to be learning the chunks really well! Next week, we are working on long vowel pairs (ee, ea, ai, ay, oa).

Writing: We have been writing our opinions all year, but now we are working on supplying support for our opinions. On Friday, we wrote about a tool that we liked and gave 3 reasons. As the weeks go on, the students will be doing this independently.

Science: We worked on many different life cycles of animals this week and also started learning about what comes from eggs. Next week, we will do a little more work with animals that come from eggs and also learn about spring.

  • The cut off for no coat is 60. We go outside at 11, which is before the high temperature is reached, so make sure your child has a light jacket. 
  • Students are beginning to run out of glue sticks. Ask your child if they need a new one and send it in their backpack. 
Upcoming Dates
  • Thursday, April 17: Book Orders Due
  • Friday, April 18: No School, Spring Break
  • Monday, April 21: No School, Spring Break 
Thanks for reading! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!
Miss McPheron 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

This week in Math, we finished our measurement unit. We worked on comparing items as longer or shorter, heavier or lighter, and more or less capacity. Later this spring we will revisit measurement and use a ruler and inches, rather than cubes to measure length. We used a scale and cubes to compare weight and also measure how many cubes heavy items are.

Math test scores should be posted on the parent portal by the end of the weekend. Next week, we will begin place value with numbers 11-19. Students need to be able to break the number 11 into a group of 10 and 1. We will be using tens frames again and also exploring with base 10 blocks.

In Science, we learned about animal habitats. We wrote a definition as a class, and learned about desert, forest, and pond habitats. They drew a picture each day showing the habitat. I was SO impressed with their illustrations!! They did such a lovely job.

Next week, we are going to learn about life cycles for different animals.

In Reading, we worked with bossy e this week. They picked it up pretty quickly, and I am impressed! We are doing a lot of reading, and they are becoming more confident every day. Next week, we are going to work with ch and sh.

Upcoming Dates
-April 9: Early Release, 1:35
-April 17: Book Orders Due
-April 18: No School, Spring Break
-April 19: No School, Spring Break

If you have any questions, please contact me!
Miss McPheron