Friday, May 30, 2014

The Last One!

Can you believe we are finished?? We have had a fantastic year - I feel so privileged to have taught your kiddos this year! We had such a fun week - but it was very busy! I'll share it with pictures.

Field Day

Harrison Smith Park

Hunks and Chunks
I was supposed to have the kiddos do their hunks and chunks for you yesterday and I forgot! We made a video so you can see it anyways :)

 Thanks so much for all your support and hard work this year!

You will not need to return the grade card envelopes.

I am doing a read aloud at the Upper Sandusky Library on Thursday, June 26 at 2 PM if you want to come see me!

Have a wonderful summer! See you at East in the fall.

Miss McPheron

Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

How fun was the family picnic? I'm so glad we had such a nice turn out! We've had a busy week learning about the ocean.
We learned about whales and measured them in feet and kindergarteners!

The Wyandot County EMS came to talk to us about what might happen if we ever got hurt. We read a nonfiction book about what it is like to be an Emergency Medical Technician.

On Thursday, we had a Primary Science Fun Day. With Mrs. Washburn, they made oobleck. With Mrs. Orians, they explored with bubbles. With me, we discovered what happens if you combine mentos and diet coke. Mrs. Washburn will post more pictures soon on the school website.

Fifth grade has been raising some chicks! They had an incubator and eggs, and they recently hatched. They let us borrow the chicks to check them out!

I am so proud of your kiddos! We have been writing this week a lot about the ocean animals and I'm so impressed with them writing 3, 4 or even 5 sentences! It's awesome! Thank you for all your hard work this year - they have come such a long way!
Next week, we have tons of fun things planned. Please see your newsletter and End of Year Schedule for details.

Upcoming Dates
  • Monday, May 26 - No School
  • Tuesday, May 27 - Field Day, Wear sunscreen and tennis shoes - I cannot help apply sunscreen and students may not share
  • Wednesday, May 28 - Walk to Harrison Smith Park for the afternoon - Wear sunscreen and tennis shoes
  • Thursday, May 29 - Awards Day, 8:30 AM - Families welcome, school awards start in gym, then back to kindergarten for awards and cookies and punch 
  • Thursday, May 29 - Walk to Star Theater to see Rio 2 - Wear tennis shoes (Thanks PTO for providing tickets!)
  • Friday, May 30 - Last Day of School! Early Release 1:30 - PTO provides pizza for lunch, bring a drink (We will also have applesauce and chips)
  • Thursday, June 26 - Miss McPheron Read Aloud at Upper Sandusky Library 2 PM
Grade cards will go home the last day of school. Let me know if you have any questions!

Miss McPheron

Friday, May 16, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up (With Videos!)

We spent the week learning about the rainforest. We learned about the 4 layers and different animals. We studied 3 toed sloths, tree frogs, and toucans. Each day, they wrote facts about the animals we studied. They picked out such awesome details from the informational texts we were reading!

Our butterflies emerged from their chrysalis on Monday, and we released them today. Only one of the butterflies cooperated with us and let us hold it, so only a couple kids got to hold it before it flew away.

We sang our butterfly song as we watched them warm themselves in the sun.
We got to do some writing outside at the end of last week because of the nice weather.

We filled our warm fuzzy jar at the beginning of this week as well. We got to move our clips up on Monday and had a root beer float party today! 

In Music, Mrs. Spoors taught the class a song and dance. Here's a video!

Friday is our kindergarten family picnic. I encourage you to come - some have asked, and yes, grandparents are welcome! As long as the weather cooperates, we will be outside on the lawn. If it doesn't, we will be in our classroom. You may want to bring a blanket in case the grass is still dewy. You will need to check in at the office when you come. Everyone needs to pack a lunch that day, even if your family is not able to come. If you cannot pack a lunch, please let me know by Thursday. We can get a packed lunch using your lunch account through the cafeteria. 

Upcoming Dates
  • Friday, May 23 - Kindergarten Family Picnic - all students need to pack a lunch, and families are invited to join us for lunch at 10:45! If your child cannot bring a packed lunch, please let me know. 
  • Monday, May 26 - No School, Memorial Day
  • Tuesday, May 27 - Field Day, 12-2 - wear tennis shoes and sunscreen (students have to apply their own and may not share) - a hat may also be a good idea!
  • Wednesday, May 28 - Walk to Harrison Smith Park - wear tennis shoes and sunscreen (students have to apply their own and may not share) - a hat may also be a good idea!
  • Thursday, May 29 - Awards Program 8:30 - school awards in gym at 8:30 with additional Kindergarten Awards in classroom with cookies and punch
  • Thursday, May 29 - Walk to Star Theater in the afternoon - wear tennis shoes
  • Friday, May 30 - Last Day of School, Early Release 1:30 - PTO provides pizza for lunch, bring your own drink
Thank you for your willingness to provide supplies for the end of the school year! You can send them in anytime, but please make sure we get them by the date I listed.

We are going to learn about the ocean next week. Friday we will watch Finding Nemo as a wrap up for the ocean unit. We took a quiz on measuring in inches today. The grades are in the parent portal.  You will start to see a lot of things come home in backpacks or folders. Please empty each night so there's not overflow. I'm sending home resources and things I've been saving this year for growth purposes.

If you have any questions, please let me know! 
:) Miss McPheron