Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Short Week

We had a short week but we worked hard! There's quite a bit of pictures to see and important info at the bottom of the post.
In Science, we finished up our study of physical properties. We sorted pasta by size.

We learned about texture by reading a nonfiction book and then sorted different things by textures. We made the groups based on words the kids said when they felt an object.

On Wednesday, we worked in groups to decide why groups were sorted together. Some were sorted by size, color, and shape. Others were things with legs, things with wheels, school supplies, and things with words.

In Math, we worked on comparing numbers. We started with groups, and today we just used numbers 0-5. They did a wonderful job with identifying the greater or smaller number out of a pair of numbers. They worked in groups earlier this week to compare cubes.
Next Week
  • Constitution Day: Why are rules important? What is the preamble of the Constitution?
  • Apples: What do you know about apples? Do apples sink or float? How do apples grow?
  • Math: Finishing up Chapter 1 on numbers 0-5, Test on Thursday (Chapter 2 will be numbers 0-10)
  • Reading: Sight Words - the, little, his; Letter Recognition and Handwriting Letters T-Z; Finishing sentences and drawing pictures to match
I took a grade on the math quiz we took today. We have taken a couple others, but I have not put them in the grade book. I'll send home all the quizzes attached the chapter test we will take next week. You can see quiz grades on the parent portal. I believe you can choose a setting to have it email grades to you regularly. Please remember we don't have regular grades in kindergarten. The grade cards you will get each quarter do not have an overall grade for most subjects, but rather a list of skills with a grade for each one.

Upcoming Dates
  • No School Thursday-Friday this week
  • Wednesday, September 17 - Scholastic Book Orders Due (I have received a couple online orders already, when I finalize the order, they will be placed with it)
  • Monday, September 22 - Fundraiser due (all money is due with orders, Checks should be made out to East PTO I believe - check front of fundraiser envelope for verify that)
Reading Bags will come home on Tuesday.
We will go to library on Tuesday - your child may keep the book for 2 weeks.

:) Miss McPheron

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