Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Constitution Day was on Wednesday, so we spent a couple days learning about the Preamble and the Constitution. We read a book called We the Kids that has the words to the preamble with pictures to help us get an understanding of what the words mean. We then made a list of our rights and responsibilities we have in kindergarten, and then sorted them into 3 categories.
We started learning about apples this week as well. The kids came up with things they knew about apples. We sorted those words into categories and made questions for each one. Hopefully we answer all of those colors by the end of our unit!

We read the book Apple Pie Tree and learned about how an apple grows and sequenced the steps. We are making an Apple Science Journal that will come home as a complete unit when we are finished.
We did an experiment to see if an apple will float. We worked through the scientific process and made observations. (We found out an apple floats if you're curious.)

We also labeled the parts of an apple (which I apparently forgot to take pictures of.) Next week, we are going to taste red, green, and yellow apples, learn about Johnny Appleseed, and make applesauce!

We finished up chapter 1 for math, and you can find test grades on the Parent Portal. I will send them home on Monday or Tuesday with the quizzes we took this chapter as well. We are started chapter 2, which is numbers 6-10. I sent home the standards we are working on as well as some ways to work at home in the folders on Friday.

Please see your newsletter from Friday for any upcoming dates and reminders.
:) Miss McPheron

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