Friday, October 3, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

We spent the week learning about seasons and weather in our science time. We did a sort of the pictures by season.


We discussed weather words and made a chart with different words. They chose a word and illustrated the word, and we hung them in the hallway.

We learned about wind, and did an experiment to see the effects of wind. The kids used cardstock to try to move a cup across the table using wind.

On Friday, we talked about rain and did another experiment. We used shaving cream to represent clouds and used food coloring to show rain drops. We added other colors just for fun.


The results of the fundraiser were announced today. We had the top seller in our class, and our class sold the most out of any class in the school! We earned a pizza party, which we will have next Friday. I am looking for a couple people who are willing to send in some juice boxes. Please email me if you want to, and I'll let you know what to send.

Our first early release is on Tuesday. The bus will arrive at 12:45 and then we will dismiss after the bus is gone like normal.

Please see the newsletter for upcoming dates. If you have any questions, please let me know!

:) Miss McPheron

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