Saturday, November 8, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

This week we learned about election day. We practiced voting and talked about the president. We tasted chips and popcorn and voted for the one we liked the best. We did a data sheet while we counted the votes.

We started learning about veterans this week. There was a note in your folder asking you to send in anything about veterans in your family on Monday if you want. We will share, and we will be writing a note to a current serviceman. We also talked about the different branches of the military and wrote about soldiers this week.
In Math, we are working on 2-dimensional shapes. We've analyzed squares, circles, rectangles, triangles, and hexagons using words like "vertex" and "sides." We compared and contrasted the shapes as well. We also worked on making larger shapes with small shapes. For example, we used 2 triangles to make a square or a bigger triangle. We also used tangrams to figure out how to manipulate the shapes.

We had an evacuation drill on Wednesday. We practiced what to do in the case of an emergency where we need to leave the building. Our safe place is the library, and the kids did beautifully on the walk there! They were calm because we had talked about it before with our other safety procedures.

We have a 2 hour delay scheduled for Tuesday for inservice for teachers. Students need to be at school by 9:55.

Because of the 2 hour delay, we will go to library on Monday. Please return books on Monday so your child can check out a new one.

I am planning to send home scheduled conference times early next week. Each conference is 15 minutes, and I will be sharing how your child is doing currently and discussing their growth with you. I look forward to seeing each of you!

:) Miss McPheron

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