Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Weekly Wrap Up

Can you believe we almost had a full week of school!

This week, we wrap up our study of addition, but we will continue to practice and do more activities with it. You should have found a math test in the folders on Friday that has been entered into the grade book. We are also going to be doing math fact fluency checks once a week in a written form. Students need to answer 10 facts correctly in 1 minute. When they pass a level, they will move on to the next level. If they don't pass, they will repeat the same one. The class as a whole is doing fabulously with addition!
We started subtraction this week. We used objects to model "taking away" and figuring out how many "are left." We used pennies one day, and some monkeys on the Smart Board another day. We will be working on writing subtraction number sentences this week.

In Science, we voted on polar animals we wanted to learn about. We researched arctic foxes and snowy owls and used the information we learned to write an informative piece about each animal.

In Reading, we are continuing to apply the skills we have learned to grow as readers. We are becoming more independent with the activities we do and students are meeting the challenges!

Friday was our 100th day of school! Students colored glasses shaped like a 100.
We also made posters with 100 objects on them. We created 10 groups of 10.

We also had our Valentine's Day Party on Friday. The boxes looked great! We had hot chocolate and colored our own game boards to use after we passed out cards.

Just a reminder there is no school on Monday. We have library Tuesday. Book Orders are due on Wednesday. Spring Pictures on Thursday.

Have a great weekend!
Miss McPheron

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