Friday, February 6, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a couple normal days this week - I think the routine worked wonders for all of us! We had a fun day today, and hopefully we have more fun days ahead of us!

We have been working on addition. The class is doing beautifully understanding the concept of putting numbers together to make a bigger number. The flashcard are to help with fluency for facts up with answers up to 5. I will probably have them in the folders Wednesday-Friday since we don't have other homework that night. We should take a test on Tuesday and then we will begin subtraction. I'm hoping the transition between the two is smooth!

In Social Studies, we have been learning how maps are models of real places. We have looked at a globe and used Google Maps to check out Upper Sandusky. We read the book Me on the Map and talked about the different places we live (Ohio, USA, North America, Earth). We also learned a little about landforms and how a key shows us different things on a map. We used the globe to practice identifying land and water, then used a two-dimensional map of the earth to model land and water.

Next week, we will finish maps and start learning about polar animals. We are going to use multiple sources to help us research animals we choose as a class. The 100th Day of school should be next Friday as well as our Valentine's Party. Please remember to be making a box to collect cards and to be working on your cards if you want to send them in. It is easier to not label who they're for, but be sure to include the "from" part!

I'm hoping we are back into a normal routine! I've been impressed with what they are retaining even with all the breaks, so keep up the good work at home! If you have any questions, please let me know!

:) Miss McPheron

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