Friday, March 6, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up (with lots of pictures!)

We had a great week! And - it was our first full week since December!

Monday was Read Across America Day. We celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday with second grade. We read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. We sampled goldfish crackers and Swedish fish and made a human graph with our opinions!
We had a race with a fish on a dish (Swedish fish balanced on a plate on our heads).

We buddy read with second grade partners.

We did some math activities with fish. We made an addition story with goldfish.

We graphed goldfish, talked about most and least, and wrote another addition sentence.

In Science this week, we wrapped up our sky unit. We learned that the sun is seen in the day, stars are seen at night, and the moon can be seen in the day and night. We also learned about the phases of the moon and learned the vocabulary "orbit." We made constellations on Tuesday, and labeled them.

We learned about sound this week. We explored with instruments and learned how to change sounds by hitting or shaking the instrument harder.

We learned that sound is vibrations we can hear. We talked about sound waves, and then drew illustrations to show what we learned. The illustrations were awesome!! I asked them to show 3 examples, and I was so impressed with the diagrams they drew.

We wrapped up sound by creating an instrument. We all made shakers - thanks to those of you who sent in your toilet paper rolls!

Next week, we will learn about community helpers. We had a blast this week!
Let me know if you have any questions!
Miss McPheron

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