Friday, March 20, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a great, hands on week in kindergarten!

In Math, we started working on measurement. We compared lengths of items from our school boxes and used the words longer and shorter. 

We compared heights of objects and used the words taller and shorter.

We used cubes to measure lengths and heights.

We learned about weight. We compared the weights of objects.

We used bears to weigh objects and determine their weight.

Next week, we will compare capacity and learn to use rulers to measure to the nearest inch.

In Social Studies, we learned about goods and services. We drew examples for both and then sorted pictures to show goods and services.
Next week, we are learning about animals that come from eggs. We will use the word "oviparous" to describe them. We are starting long vowels in reading. We will be learning about bossy e - the silent e at the end that jumps over a letter to make the vowel say its name. This is one of my favorite songs we sing.

I will be finishing grade card assessments this coming week, but I feel like we are in great shape! The kids are impressing me with what they know and how well they are doing! You will see grade cards come home April 1.

This flyer was given to us this afternoon, but they only gave us 10 for the class, so I'm sharing it here. If you are interested, let me know and I can send one home.
Have a wonderful weekend!
:) Miss McPheron

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