Saturday, April 11, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a short week this week coming off of spring break. I was at our district's Kindergarten Screening Thursday and Friday, so the kids had a sub.

In Math, we did some review of sorting objects using different rules. The kids told me they could sort by color, sides, vertices, size, shape, or object. I introduced a new way to sort - by count. Our table groups worked together to sort groups by the number of objects.

Next week in math, we will learn to tell time to the hour. In reading, we are working on open vowels (hi, go, me) at the end of words and the ck chunk at the end of words. We will work on another prefix, un, as well - the kids are doing great with these! 

Our plants have sprouted! We are being scientists and using a plant observation journal to draw our plants each week. We learned about plants we eat this week. Next week, we are learning about our earth and ways to take care of it.

Next week is our One Million Healthy Steps Week! The whole school is counting our steps to work our way to one million steps. Please wear tennis shoes every day next week. We will try to get walks in outside on the days it doesn't rain, and may even be walking the halls to get some steps inside. We have pedometers to share as a class - the hospital and Walmart donated those for us! Let me know if you have any questions!

:) Miss McPheron

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