Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mad Scientist Week

We had a full, busy week! Our Mad Scientist/Reading Week was a hit! Dressing like a scientist was so fun - this picture didn't turn out with everyone, so I apologize if the tables covered up your little :(
The whole school did a read-a-thon in the hallway. We buddy read - I'm so proud of the readers we have become this year!
Mr. Eaglowski was one of our special guests this week - he read a book about ice cream to help get us ready for making ice cream!

We read informational texts about bubbles, and then of course got to explore with bubbles!

We launched rockets we created as a school.

Mrs. Vent came to read to our class and do an experiment with colors in markers.

Mrs. Karg organizes Field Day for our school every year - this year was a blast! The weather was perfect, if not a little chilly.

We explored chemical reactions with baking soda and vinegar. We used eye droppers to put the vinegar in the baking soda. My favorite part of this week was that it encouraged curiosity and questions! One student asked, "What happens if we pour the whole jar in?" So we tried it!

The last experiment of the week was making ice cream in a bag! The students worked with buddies to shake milk, vanilla, and sugar.

Thanks to anyone who sent in supplies, came to help, or came to read to our class! This has been such a wonderful way to wrap up our kindergarten year!

:) Miss McPheron

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