Saturday, October 24, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up

We have been working very hard in kindergarten! Lots of the pieces are starting to come together. We have been writing more, using the sight words and sounds we have been working on. We played a game with sight words where they had to slap the words when I said them. (excuse my blurry pictures)

In Math, we spent the week working on sorting by different rules - color, size, shape, and count. The kids did great! We are working on position words next (beside, next to, above, below, in front of).

Our story this week was called Nature Spy, about a little girl that goes outside to look closely at nature. We went on a nature walk to choose a leaf! We wrote to describe our leaves when we came in after we looked at them with magnifying glasses.With the unpredictable Ohio weather, it started raining, so we all crowded on the porch for a picture while I got rained on - if your child is missing, they're most likely behind someone.

We learned about weather, and talked about words we use to describe weather. The kids chose a word and illustrated it. "Rainbow" was very popular.

We learned about rain, and did a simple experiment with shaving cream to represent the clouds and food coloring to represent the water droplets that get heavy and fall out of the clouds. It was very exciting when it finally started to work!
 We read several books about rain and storms, but this one was their favorite! They asked me to read again, but we were out of time that day - so I'm sharing it with you, so you can find it at the local library if you're interested!
We also learned that we are surrounded by air, and when that air moves, it is called wind. We tried to make the air move to create our own wind with a plate and a cup. The goal was to get the cup to fall off the table by just creating wind.

Next week, we are learning about bats. The Halloween party is Monday night in the East School Gym. Students should come wearing their costumes and find me in the gym. The whole kindergarten class will go on the stage, the best costume will be picked, and, as an added bonus, Mr. Bramel will have them sing a song with first grade! After they're done on stage, they will return to you for the rest of the evening. This party is completely optional, and hosted by the PTO.

Our first grading period ends on Friday, and you will see a grade card come home the following week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Miss McPheron

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