Friday, January 8, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a great week coming back from Christmas break. We spent our time in science learning about the five senses. We labeled the body parts and senses.

We learned about the sense of touch and made a list of texture words. The kids were using them later in different subjects!
We got to use our sense of taste and try some skittles. To wrap up our study, we used all 5 senses to describe popcorn.

Next week, we will be learning about maps.

In Math, we have been working on 3 dimensional shapes. We have learned what they're called, used vocabulary words like face, edge, vertex, roll, stack and slide. We worked with cubes, cylinders, cones, and spheres to see how they move.
We have been singing this song and love it!

Next week, we will continue to work with the 3D shapes. We will be doing some problem solving with them and finding real world examples.

I am working on grade card assessments right now. These are done 1 on 1 with me to give me a true picture of what each child can do. The quarter ends next Friday, and you should see grade cards the following Wednesday.

Remember to send warm clothes for recess every day! We try to get out, even if we can time it between rain storms.

I could use some baby wipes and clorox wipes if you want to send any in to help our classroom.

If you have any questions, let me know!
:) Miss McPheron

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