Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

This week we learned about the sky. We talked about what we see during the day, night, or both. Clouds and the moon ended up in the both section!
We learned about stars and used our imaginations to make our own constellations. Here is a bunny.

 We learned that the moon has different phases, and that in some phases, we see it during the day. We made examples of 4 of the phases.

 We learned that the sun changes position throughout the day because the earth turns. We made a flow chart for the sun.
Next week we are learning about groundhogs and matter.

In Math, we have continued to decompose numbers into different groups. The kids are doing beautifully with this! They are so confident, and I love it! We will wrap up that chapter this week and start addition next.

In Reading, we are working on blends. The kids are picking up on these quickly as well! We practice every day and we will start to have blends in the books we read regularly.

You saw a lot of handouts come home on Friday. Make sure you look carefully at all of them! I attached a ziploc bag to the yellow sheet for the fundraiser for our student at East with cancer. You can send money any day, just make sure we know what it is for! For 50 cents on Friday, students may wear a hat!

If you have any questions about anything, please let me know!

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