Saturday, February 13, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a full week with lots of fun activities!

We learned about penguins. We read several nonfiction books and looked at some online resources and used all the resources to write a penguin report. We learned that penguin chicks huddle together to keep warm, and practiced that in our classroom! So fun - sorry for the blurry picture.

We started addition this week. We have been using objects and pictures and the kids are doing great! We will continue working on this for the next couple weeks. Eventually, students need to be able to answer addition facts without pictures. You will see some flashcards come home at the end of the week. Here we are using pennies and work mats to show joining groups.
On Wednesday, we went to Union for an assembly with all the K-5 students in Upper Sandusky! A jump rope team from Marion Pleasant came to perform for us. They were awesome! Mr. Fillmore got in on the action!
So did Mrs. Murphy!

Thursday was our 100th day of school. We wrote 100 words.

We made a hundreds chart.

We also did 100 exercises throughout the day! The kids had a blast.

Friday we celebrated Valentine's Day. We had a school assembly where Mrs. Thiel read us a book. We also got to look at all the boxes from our school. The kids at East are so creative!

Our fundraiser for Matthew wrapped up this week. East raised over $2000 for Matthew to help his family with any expenses during his treatments. THANK YOU for your generosity over the last couple weeks!

Have a wonderful long weekend!
Miss McPheron

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