Friday, February 19, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

This week, I spent time doing assessments. I am so proud of how far our class has come! We had 7 new kids count to 100 by ones and 8 new kids who know all letter names and sounds!

We also spent this week learning about different presidents in honor of President's Day. We devoted a day to George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Barack Obama. We made a brochure with facts about each one. On Friday, we compared George and Abe. The kids unscrambled a puzzle to show a picture of both of them.

We've been working on addition in math time. Today, we introduced math flashcards and had a chance to practice with a partner. In kindergarten, we need to be able to add facts with answers up to 5 fluently. You will begin to see math flashcards come home on nights when there is not other homework. Please make sure they come back each day - we use them during the day as well! Here we are practicing with each other - the kids had a blast with something so simple!

Have a wonderful weekend - looks like we are in for nice weather!
:) Miss McPheron

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