Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

Our week was a little different this week as I was at kindergarten screening on Thursday and Friday. We have worked on vowel pairs this week. We focused on ea and ee. You will see some books next week in the reading bags that use these chunks! I'm trying to challenge our class with more difficult texts, so if you see something hard come home, just help your child do their best!

We started working on measurement this week. We have compared the length and height of different objects and used words like "longer," "shorter," and "taller." Next week, we will do some work with weight and capacity.

In Science, we learned about living things. We learned that there are five characteristics of living things. We've read several books, did some writing, and created examples of living and nonliving things.

Next week, we will learn about taking care of our earth for Earth Day. We will use open vowels like in hi, be, and go.

Tuesday is the last time students can check out books from the library in kindergarten. Scholastic Book Orders are due on Wednesday if you're wanting to order!

Enjoy the beautiful weekend!
:) Miss McPheron

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