Saturday, April 23, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

Our week was full of fun activities!

In Math, we have been working on measurement. We compared weight using a scale.

 We also used bears to figure out how heavy the objects were.

Then, we ordered the objects from lightest to heaviest.
We also learned about capacity. We compared containers to determine what held more or less.

 We worked with our tables to fill a snack sized bag and a sandwich bag and compare capacity.

 The tables presented their bags to the class and used our vocabulary "more capacity" and "less capacity." It was great!

We will continue working on measurement next week and will be learning to use rulers. We will also learn to tell time to the hour.
We learned about taking care of our earth. The crowns you've seen in some of the pictures are Earth Day crowns. Roxann Hufford from the Wyandot County Solid Waste Management District came to teach us about recycling. She did a wonderful job and the kids really enjoyed it.

We also spent some time this week learning about landforms. Next week, we are learning about insects. In Reading, we are doing a lot of activities to increase our reading skills. We have been working with our hunks and chunks, long vowels, and blends. We have just a few more sight words to learn this year. I'm so amazed at how far the kids have come this year!

The PTO is doing a Ram Gear fundraiser. Orders are due by next week.
On Thursday, please wear green to support Matthew! He has some tests this week and our school wants to show support!

Have a great weekend :)
Miss McPheron

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