Saturday, April 30, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

This week, we worked extremely hard! I am so proud of how they are able to use resources this week to start to complete tasks independently.

We have been learning about insects. We read a book about ladybugs, and the students were able to use their own book to show the life cycle by themselves! We have been learning that good readers go back to a book to find answers. They did just that - I am so proud!

We just got some caterpillars and will be watching them grow and change over the next couple weeks.

We finished up working on measurement this week. We learned to use rulers. The trickiest part is learning to line the end of the ruler up with the end of the line or object. We of course had to practice measuring different objects from our boxes!

We have been working with our hunks and chunks to expand our reading skills. I am working on giving them more challenging books in small groups when they have support to use their new skills. I've been so impressed. We worked with groups to sort pictures by the two sounds of oo this week.

We are working on telling time to the hour and will be starting coins later this week. I have put some grades in the gradebook so you can check those out on the parent portal.
You will be seeing a schedule for the end of the year coming home this week - there's lots of extra things happening in May as we finish out the school year.
Have a wonderful weekend!
:) Miss McPheron

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