Saturday, August 27, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

We completed our first full week of kindergarten!
We spent a lot of the week working on routines and foundational skills, but we also started our curriculum. We have a set of standards that help guide us in what we spend time learning.
One of our social studies standards states that students should recognize symbols of our country. We learned the Pledge of Allegiance and also learned about our flag. We used a brace map to draw each part of the flag and then the entire flag together.

I loved the flags that each student made about themselves! It helped our whole class get to know each other!

We have done several activities to work on fine motor skills this week. We have spent time cutting and talk about the proper way to hold scissors each time. I've seen improvements already!

We also talked about the proper amount of glue to use for different projects. We read a book called "Too Much Glue" and then practiced making small dots, not lots, on a monster. Then, we added glitter to each monster.

The bus garage comes to East every years to teach students about bus safety. They bring Barney Sue with them, and she helps teach the students!
You are doing great checking and emptying the orange folders each night! That is your best place to stay up to date and stay aware. Please make sure any lunch money you send is in the folders, because I give it to Mrs. Ward at the beginning of the day and it gets added to your child's account. That way, the lunch money doesn't get lost before lunch time! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman

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