Saturday, September 10, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

We had a hot week, but we worked hard! I realized after school Friday, I failed to take any pictures last week! I'm going to blame the heat.

In Reading, we are working on reading simple books, and pointing to each work while we read. We are using picture clues and sight words to help us read right now. The kids did some partner reading this week to practice reading a book and also learn to work with their friends! This week, we will finish our overview of each letter, and after the fair, we will start working on a letter a week.

In Math, we have been working with numbers 0-5. We compared groups to determine groups that are greater than, less than, or equal. We will review this coming week, and take a test over our first chapter. After the fair, we will start working with numbers up to 10.

In Science this week, we learned about living things. I showed them pictures at the beginning of the week, and they had to tell me what was living and nonliving. We learned 5 characteristics of living things, then at the end of the week they saw the same pictures again. It was amazing how confident they were the second time with identify living things!

We continue to work on learning routines and expectations in kindergarten. The kids are eager to be at school each day and are really enjoying each other! We will be taking our i-Ready diagnostic tests on the chromebooks this week. The assessment asks students questions that get increasingly more challenging with correct answers. It gives me a level that they are working on to help inform my teaching, interventions, and extensions. They will take a diagnostic in reading and another one in math.

Enjoy the weekend!
:) Mrs. Steinman

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