Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

I am happy to say we are settling more into our routines in our classroom!

This week, we started focusing on one letter a week. We started with Mm, and have listened for beginning sounds and reading books with Mm words. This week, we sorted letters and words. The kids each wrote a letter or a word, then each student sorted them into categories.

We have 9 sight words now, and the kids are doing great learning them and reading them in books. I try to check sight words weekly, and we do interventions for extra practice for the students who need it. I have seen great results already this week! We practiced spelling our sight words by playing Whack a Word. I showed the word on the screen, then the kids used their hammers to spell it on a mat.

Next week, we will focus on letter Tt and add the sight word "this."

In Math, we have been working on numbers 6-10. We have been making groups, using tens frames, and writing the numbers.We have been focusing a lot on the tens frames - we have used objects, colored them in, and even used an app on the Smart Board. We fill the tens frame left to right, top to the bottom. It's been a little tricky for the kids to fill completely across if the group they're counting is laid out differently than that, but they do better every day.

In Social Studies, we learned about the US Constitution. We talked about our rules and why they are important. We categorized them into rules for Safety, Respect, and Rights.
In Science, we learned about weather and seasons. We read a nonfiction book about weather, then the kids gave me great weather words.

We talked about how daily weather can be similar during each season. We described each season, and the kids helped write the words for this chart!

Next week, we are going to learn about apples. I wanted to know what the class was interested in for apples, and they have some really great questions we are going to answer next week! We will be tasting some apples and even making applesauce.
Looking forward to another great week!
:) Mrs. Steinman

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